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Welcome to the forest of the International Industry Innovation Summit

A partnership between the 10th Innovation Congress and the start-up Meu Pé de Árvore, ir
reforest degraded areas in the Amazon and you can increase this forest with us.


The restoration

To restore a degraded area in the Amazon, or in practically any other biome, it is essential to have an ecosystem of partners dedicated to making the initial restoration process viable through the planting of diverse trees. This ecosystem includes seed networks with local collectors who work collecting seeds from the forest, nurseries specializing in the production of seedlings of different species and farmers who establish partnerships with us to restore their Permanent Preservation Area (APP) areas or even for the creation of agroforestry systems. Each part of this ecosystem plays a fundamental role in environmental restoration, and it is this collaboration that allows us to advance in the recovery of degraded ecosystems.


Seedling production

Native seedlings are not produced with special attention. Starting by collecting seeds from hundreds of trees native to the region. Then these seeds are processed and selected to ensure quality and genetic diversity. In the nurseries, the seedlings are grown under control, resulting in robust seedlings that make restoration more effective.

Restoration project

The restoration project begins with the identification of farmers interested in recovering APP areas or creating agroforests. Our technicians visit the areas, collect soil samples and carry out a detailed survey, including planting areas. This helps you understand the needs of each location and choose the appropriate tree species.


Planting begins with the start of the rains in Rondônia, generally at the end of November. First, we fence the area and prepare the holes for planting seedlings and seeds. We fertilize the soil according to the analysis and use hydrogel to reduce losses. Planting is done in a collective effort, with beneficiaries and local helpers.

Maintenance and monitoring

During maintenance, we remove grass with brush cutters and control ants. In the first year, we replant seedlings that have not adapted to the new location (from the nursery to the degraded area) and install monitoring cameras, when necessary.

Preliminary list of tree species
which we will plant in 2023.

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Come with us, let's make a difference and plant much more!


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trees planting planting forests congress innovation.png


trees planting planting forests congress innovation
trees planting planting forests congress innovation.png


Discover the Innovation Summit

Carried out by CNI and SEBRAE, in partnership with SESI, SENAI and IEL. This congress is the result of a document that analyzed trends, challenges and opportunities to strengthen the innovation ecosystem.

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Largest innovation event in Latin America

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Experts from around the world

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In-person and online networking

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Global innovation solutions

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From Monday to Saturday

from 9am to 6pm


Rua Rafael Vaz e Silva, 3335

Porto Velho / RO - CEP 76803-847


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