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we plant more!

STIHL is a partner of Meu Pé de Árvore, a startup that enables the recovery of degraded areas, planting trees in the Amazon biome in partnership with the local community.

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Let's go together?

Are we going to make a difference by contributing to the planting of trees in the Amazon biome? The partnership between STIHL and Meu Pé de Árvore aims to recover degraded areas and preserve the Amazon Biome, an essential asset for good climate regulation. The project involves different stages, which guarantee the effectiveness and success of the initiative.

The project

STIHL started the project by contributing to the planting of 5 thousand trees and, through its extensive distribution network, seeks to engage its customers and partners to encourage planting in the locations supported by the initiative. 

The engagement

Committed to the environment, STIHL works on different socio-environmental projects, as a way of exercising its social responsibility. Contributing to the planting of trees is one of the ways to collaborate with the environment, which is why the company acts as a bridge and validator of the project's purpose.

The care

Meu Pé de Árvore is responsible for operationalizing, organizing and executing the restoration and maintenance process of the areas for 5 years. And all of this happens in partnership with the local community, according to the steps presented and available for monitoring on this channel.

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It works

Seedling production

The seedlings are produced by partner nurseries, the main one being the Ecoporé nursery, which guarantees the production of seedlings of species native to the Amazon biome.

Local community

The development of the project is carried out in close collaboration with communities, involving them in all stages of forest restoration, from collecting seeds to planting. Thus, training and the generation of employment and income are promoted, strengthening community ties and encouraging sustainable development.

Collecting the seeds

Most of the seeds used in planting are supplied by indigenous people from different peoples originating from the Amazon Forest, promoting the appreciation of local knowledge and inclusion and income generation for indigenous communities.


Family farmers and forest people are project beneficiaries. With this, it is possible to promote socio-environmental development, offering sustainable economic opportunities, improving the quality of life of the local community and conserving the forest.

Planting, Maintenance and Monitoring

After planting the seedlings, periodic maintenance of the restored areas is carried out. This stage includes care, replanting, weed control and monitoring the growth of trees and wildlife. This practice guarantees a higher survival rate of the seedlings, as well as the adequate establishment of the ecosystem.

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Planting trees

Planting will take place in Rondônia, in l12 Km 22 Gleba 08B Lot 16 in the Municipality of Ouro Preto do Oeste, State of Rondônia.

The seedlings will begin to be planted in November with the start of the rains in the Amazon region and will be completed by December 2023. 


First, we fenced the area and prepared holes for planting seedlings and seeds. In some situations, we also plant "green manures", such as legumes, which help to recover the soil and suppress grass growth more quickly. Our choice of fertilizers is based on soil analysis, and we incorporate hydrogel to minimize water losses. Planting is a joint collaboration, involving beneficiaries and hiring local helpers to ensure the success of this essential stage of the project. Below, you can view photos of the entire process, from seed collection to planting.

Confira no mapa a localização dos plantios

Confira no mapa a localização dos plantios


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